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BVZ News: Small Changes, Big Difference

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

BVZ Asia® carries specialty fabrics, hardware and finishing materials for boat tops, covers, tarps, sails, seat cushions, interiors and more. As BVZ Asia® continues its mission to its support to the marine industry; it invites us to focus on the little aspects of fabrication t with its accessories lines in addition to its wide assortment of marine fabric collections.

There is GORE TENARA® threads which is essentially indestructible by the elements. “Our marine fabrics last between five to 10 years. We looked for a thread that could match this performance and this is why we offer TENARA® which outperforms outdoor threads in the market,” Kurt De Wilde, general manager. “It comes in clear, which matches any color and for a marine fabricator, it cuts your thread inventory and at the same time, provides a great reference as the covers you sew will not fall apart. It is a great product to change to.”

Then there is Q-SNAP® fasteners, an invention borne out of pure frustration over current fasteners lacking to overcome the tension and securing aspect. Invented and manufactured in the Netherlands, this solution is now available to Asia through BVZ. “Q-snap is really the next generation of fasteners. Made of 316 stainless steel, it offers tight, easy, and secure connection no matter what the angle,” continues De Wilde. “We even provide the small tools necessary to make the switch.” Other Surefas fasteners available are Perfix® and CAF 316.

For boat owners who are serious about protecting their investment, one can have custom-fit Seaguard Flex fabric covers. “Having the right cover can prolong the beauty of seats; instrument panels, and ensures durable, worry-free use. Custom-fit boat covers are great for mooring and storage,” De Wilde shares. “As a marine fabricator, you can offer this custom-fit boat covers to go that extra mile for your customer.”

“If you aren’t already using our clear vinyls: Strataglass, Crystal Clear 20/20, or Ultraclear, you should,” says De Wilde. “They are top of the line and will not embarrass your brand of service.”

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