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Strongest Asian Distribution network 

With operations in China, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and with its head office located in Hong Kong, BVZ Asia®  holds the most extensive and strongest distribution network for specialty fabrics and accessories in Asia.  BVZ Asia® carries a select line of premium brands that service the higher end of consumers. It has inventories in six major distribution centers in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Clients can order directly from any of the offices ensuring convenient and reliable delivery.


With such a rich history, BVZ Asia® is one of the largest and oldest textile agencies housed in Asia, a company you can trust as an able partner and a reliable supplier.


How it all got started - 1900's

During the early 1900's a Dutchman named Bernard van Zuiden set off on his travels which ended in Shanghai. He started his trading activities there and would have stayed had it not been for the political upheavals in China at that time.  Mr van Zuiden relocated his business to Hong Kong and B. van Zuiden Bros. Ltd was established in 1946 with a small desk at the Peninsula Hotel. Mr van Zuiden assisted overseas exporters to sell and distribute their goods to customers in Hong Kong and then to other Asian countries.


While the original B van Zuiden Company was first established as an agent and distributor of high quality textiles and general commodities from Europe, in 2001, with the many changes in business, the company evolved into what B. van Zuiden (Asia) Ltd is now more known for. It began focusing its efforts on distributing 100% solution-dyed acrylic, established as the industry standard fabric specified in particular towards the hospitality, yachting and leisure industries. Being quite successful, BVZ Asia® also began carrying other specialty fabrics and accessories that complement its current business, thereby, becoming a multi-line distributor of specialty fabrics and associated products.

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