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Shows Around Asia 2024

Updated: Mar 23

It's been a good month for trade shows all around.

Opening day at PIFS 2024

Earlier this the month, we participated in the Philippine International Furniture Show in Manila, Philippines and the HAWA Expo in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Taken on opening day of HAWA Vietnam

Just this week, we participated in the China International Furniture Fair in Guangzhou, China with our business partner, Tuvatextil, makers of Agora fabrics.

Our booth at CIFF

Next month, we will be participating in the Architect Expo from April 30 to May 5 in Bangkok, Thailand so watch out for it.

Our participation in trade shows not only underscores our dedication to showcasing the latest advancements in architectural and technical fabrics but also signifies our commitment to fostering meaningful connections within the industry. These exhibitions provide invaluable opportunities for us to engage with clients, partners, and industry professionals, exchanging insights, and forging collaborations that drive innovation and propel our collective success forward. So thanks to everyone who dropped by our booths!

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