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Eqodry® Smart Foam

The open cell structure of Eqodry® — pronounced ‘E-Co-Dri’ — allows water to pass through for

zero water retention and fast drying times.

Eqodry is perfect for outdoor furniture and marine applications where moisture can shorten the

foam’s lifespan. Eqodry is fire retardant and protected from mold, fungi and bacteria by Ultra-

Fresh® antimicrobial, which is incorporated during the manufacturing process. Ultra-Fresh

keeps the foam fresh, clean and odor free.

Eqodry is available in four qualities — soft, medium, firm and super-firm — to meet comfort

requirements for a variety of applications. The foam is available in precut buns/blocks and

slices, as semi-finished cushions and pillows, and also by weight in a mixed crushed foam

option. Eqodry products all come with a limited five-year warranty.

At Eqodry, “What’s Inside Matters.”

To learn more about Eqodry, visit

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